Saturday, August 22, 2009

Obama Undermines America's Spiritual Foundation

The following column is by Larry Perrault, a theologian and political philosopher who lives in Houston, Texas. Larry is a strong supporter of Gov. Sarah Palin. In the 2008 primary season, he supported Gov. Mike Huckabee.

I am disabled with MS. But, I do a lot of Internet communication. I’m also working on a writing project. I got this Special Message below from HuckPAC. Properly enough as a minister, your father retains and expresses a relatively positive Outlook. I hope in some respect, I’m able to project a bit of such a positive disposition. However, it strikes me as a bit sanguine to talk about getting “this country back on track.” Even assuming that we might thwart or more likely slow, the intrusion of the federal government into the private domain of medical care, the fiscal folly already accomplished alone is not a mere ditch but a multi-generational canyon from which it is hard to imagine how we could emerge in any sort of typically American state of health in liberty and commerce. The record of Republicans in undoing liberal folly is not a sterling one and appears particularly unpromising in the case of the enormity of this profligacy.

I watch your father’s television program weekly. I would sure love to hear it if he has reason beyond a mere encouragement for America to persevere, putting one step in front of the other irrespective of circumstance. I’m near his age and would share much of the romance of America as having experienced God’s blessing. But, I believe it has experienced that not by virtue of our name or geography but by the maintenance of some respect of the liberty that is the endowment of the creator. Today, we retain the name with which the USA was founded, but for many years that respect of liberty has been allowed to (unconstitutionally) drift until today, when it seems to have disappeared down a stretch of whitewater rapids. It is not a political or geographical definition but a social ideal that is the

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