Saturday, August 1, 2009

What's Palin Really Up To?

The Aug. 1 American Thinker piece by Stuart Williamson on Sarah Palin is a remarkable essay, very much worth reading and pondering. The underlying question Sarah may have asked herself is this: Can I run for president as a Republican without losing my soul? My answer to this would be a tentative "yes." However, Williamson believes Sarah's answer at this point would be: NO. Following is the link to the piece, which I urge you to read. (Sarah's and Williamson's apparent "no" answer makes me question my own "yes.") The material below is an excerpt from Williamson's essay:

Sarah Palin: A Leader Without A Party

Here's an excerpt from Williamson's essay:

The truth is: Sarah Palin is not really a "politician". She did not get into politics to seek power or wealth. She bears no resemblance to the typical politician, who graduated in Law specifically to enter politics; or to the successful businessman who runs for office to gain profit advantage or status; or to the mediocrities who rises through nepotism or dynastic ambition like a Kennedy or a Gore. Or to any party hack out of the Chicago machine.

She has not brought herself into this fight at this point because she wants to be President...or Vice-President...or Senator....or Cabinet member. She is in this solely because she feels, deeply, that our traditional principles and values, already betrayed by both parties, are in serious jeopardy through the aggressive efforts of committed socialists. She is prepared to make a personal sacrifice in the cause of defeating them. If she succeeds, she'll be happy to just go back to Wasilla and the Alaskan way of middle class life she loves.

Remember, she made it clear in her resignation that she was going to remain "outside" the political fences. For she is going to turn her guns on the GOP -- big time. She wants nothing to do with the Republican National Committee, and not just because she has been reading Mark Levin's Liberty and Tyranny. She has fought the GOP top dogs since her first days in Wasilla. When she was appointed by the Governor to chair the Oil & Gas Conservation Commission and found out the Republicans were dealing under the counter with the private companies, she resigned and blew the whistle. When her party wouldn't support her for Governor she ran on her own -- against their open opposition -- and won. And promptly attacked waste and corruption within the Republican state government.

Then she was drafted by McCain, sparking some indignation in the RNC. She promptly charged the flailing campaign with her energy and her personality, attracting huge numbers of people to GOP rallies, and most likely some new voters. But she got no support from the sclerotic RNC managers -- and the great fighter pilot couldn't shoot straight. Then he bailed out on her after the election, and she received no thanks for her valiant effort; not only was she simply dumped, but reviled and mocked by the insiders and elitists she had worked with.

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Greg said...

I think there are a lot of followers without a party right now, because almost everyone I know are disgusted with both parties. Gov. Palin could very easily pick up that rather large demographic.

Another thing I've thought about for some time now, regarding the constant leftist attacks on Palin, is that they may very well have to do with the fact that women make up approx. 51 percent of voters. That's huge. How many women out there would love to see a woman elected president, even one they don't necessarily agree with? Middle age to older women who would like to see a woman elected in their life time. Younger women not so wedded to the fanatical pro-abortion stand of militant feminists. We saw how 98 percent of blacks voted for 0bama simply because he is black, and no other reason.

I don't think women will vote in the same knee jerk fashion, but even if half of them decide that, yes it is time for a woman president, all is lost for 0bama and his crowd.

It will be of immense interest to watch what happens with 0bamacare, and cap and trade. If one or both of them fail to pass, and I suspect that is a very real possibility once congress head back to their states and districts this month, and get an earful from their constituents. Plus, republicans in both VA and NJ are about 15 points ahead of their democrat rivals in the governors races in those states this Nov.

We know that the dems are deeply concerned about Sarah Palin. Look at the response to her op/ed on cap and trade, 2 senators and a congressman responded, plus ran ads against her. It's not because she said anything really original in the op/ed it's just that no one else gets the attention that Palin does, and they were able to ignore the others with opposing views. Once Palin starts speaking out on health care reform, energy independence, more on cap and trade, education reform, and a multitude of other issues, people will pay attention to her like no one else.

I heard an interview with Chuck Heath, Palin's father. He said that her book is going to be very interesting, because she's going to tell it all, now that she's out of office. I think the book is going to be a major, major factor in her political future. You know for a fact that it will be one of the most closely examined books in the modern era. For that reason, it will be one of the most carefully crafted books of the modern era. Everyone of her oppontents from 0bama on down will read it, those who hate her will read it looking for stuff to reinforce the hate, and everyone who really loves her will buy multiple copies to give as gifts. I'll bet it will be THE most requested book at libraries across the country as well.