Wednesday, December 24, 2008 -- Great Political Tool

America's favorite gun-toting momma, Alaska's Sarah Heath Palin

Merry Christmas to all. As of January 1, 2009, This blog will start up again with five (or more) columns per week regarding Sarah Palin and American politics. The "end" of the blog will occur in January, 2013, when Gov. Palin is inaugurated as the 45th President of the U.S.
In recent weeks, I've been doing a lot of work with -- and about -- a remarkable organization: It now has more than 63,000 memebers, and it's aiming for 100,000 by the end of January. I urge you to join and participate in TeamSarah activities.

TeamSarah is going to be a very useful tool for activists in every state. I wrote the following today to several friends. It suggests how they can use the fine search function of TeamSarah to advance pro-American causes.

Meg, I notice on Team Sarah that there are 2,020 Pennsylvanians that show up in a search. At some point, we (and I mean dozens of us if we can find them) should be asking everyone of them to join the PA Sarah Team. I've asked everyone I can find in Beaver County (about 30 people) to join my friends list.

Janet, there are 1600 Georgians -- hint, hint.

Traci and Lyn, there are nearly 2800 Texans in the group.

Sharon, 506 Oklahomans.

Jean, in good ole left-wing WA state, there are 1,041 Team Sarah members.

In another year there will be five times as many members from each of the states. I told Meg, head of the TeamSarah, PA group that we need 60,000 PA activists in place by Labor Day, 2012. I define an activist as somebody that will contact (at least) a dozen people and ask them to support Sarah Palin. Most of them will do more than that.

NOTE: On TeamSarah searches, beware the use of the comma. If you put Beaver Falls, PA, on the eearch, you get everyone in PA. If you omit the comma, you just get the people you're looking for.

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