Friday, December 26, 2008

2012, Romney No, Palin Yes

Since I favor Sarah Palin for President in 2012, I'm passing on Willard Romney's invitation to join his effort for the presidency in 2012. I believe Mitt Romney has ZERO chance of ever defeating Barack Obama. It will not be clear for a couple of years how good a chance Sarah has of dethroning Obama ("The Emperor of Ice Cream"), but it will certainly be much better than that of the former Gov. of Massachusetts.

I'm irritated by politicians, especially Republicans, who can't face political reality. The time is over when a person could race to the GOP nomination by raising lots of money and being as slick as an MA road during an ice-storm. We need to have candidates who are as much as possible like the individuals who are casting the votes. People vote for candidates whose lives resemble theirs and reflect their hopes and aspirations.

Saxby Chambliss recently marveled at the "huge" effect Sarah had on the GA Senate race. She energizes crowds. She makes skeptics into believers. She especially offers hope to those in states that are "Blue" but show some possibility of turning "Red" for the right candidate.

Romney is not the right candidate. He's a smooth talker in a $4,000 suit. He's too rich and too polished to appeal to the people who actually are willing to vote nowadays for a Republican candidate.

The people of my own area -- western Pennsylvania in general and Beaver County in particular -- are registered Democratic by a margin of roughly two-to-one. We're the ones Obama called "bitter" people clinging to their (our) guns and religion. We're his version of The Great Unwashed.

This year, Beaver County went for McCain-Palin by 4,000 votes, a remarkable showing, and the same was generally true through western Pennsylvania. It was clear that the main magnet attracting voters was Gov. Sarah Palin.

Put Sarah in charge -- at the top of the ticket. Let her work nationally the kind of magic she demonstrated in western Pennsylvania. Let her run as a champion of "working women" (her term) and working men. Let her build on the massive coalition, one that will eventually number in the millions, forming with such organizations as and ReadmyLipstickNetwork.

In short, let her -- and us -- show the world how to defeat Barack Obama and the smear-artist I call "The Axelrod of Evil." As time goes on, the election of Barack Obama in 2008 will be seen for what it it -- a calamity for our country. It will be the time for a remarkable woman who not only affirms American values, but practices them.

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