Thursday, December 25, 2008


I'll be writing more in the future about the book by Kay Cashman and others called "Sarah Takes on Big Oil." I urge you to visit Kay's page on From Christmas through New Year's Day I'll be writing about about "how Sarah wins in 2012."

I sent the following to Meg in PA who has established the foundation for a massive organization to defeat Obama in Pennsylvania in 2012.

Meg, To steal Hillary's words, the only reason to put as much effort, time, and money into this deal (i.e., electing Sarah in 2012) as we'll do is to "be in it to win it." Winning it means doing exactly the kinds of things you are with online and offline organizing.
We don't need to be wishy-washy, but we need to keep growing and that will mean collaring some non-traditional allies. Four million Hillary Supporters voted for McCain-Palin, and I want them to stay on our side -- and to bring along more of their fellow Hillaryites.
I want to operate as much outside the "traditional" Republican Party as possible. Yesterday's GOP is mainly good at asking for money -- and then sending it to the wrong candidates. As some of the people on this mailing list know, I want them (or people like them) running the campaign in 2012 -- we don't need the malcontents, incompetents, and Sarah-bashers that Sen. McCain and Rick Davis accumulated.
(I don't mean to suggest that we exclude Republicans -- only the ones who have run the Party into the ground. Anybody who wants to work like a dog is welcome.)
Anyone who's pro-choice and backs Sarah Palin strongly -- and I worked with many such people (in 2008 -- is welcome aboard as far as I'm concerned. It's critical for Palin Supporters to understand that her appeal transcends ideology. She's a listener, a respecter of diversity, and a healer. She leads by example, rather than by fait. On all these points, we should seek to emulate her.
Young people and Hispanics are especially welcome because (shhhh) we can't win without significant support from them. Sarah Palin has tremendous potential appeal to young voters and to Hispanic women.
I notice there are 61 African-American women for Palin in one TeamSarah group, and that's a start. We need to make inroads with Black women, who vote in large numbers, and concern ourselves less -- at least during the Obama era -- with Black males.
If Sarah can get 51% or more of the female vote in 2012, she will be President-elect. That's not an impossible number. I want Obama to figure out what hit him about the first Wednesday in November, 2012. I hope Adam Brickley, who established the Draft Palin Movement TWO YEARS AGO (see will work hand-in-glove with us, and I've added him to the e-mail copy list.
Understand that we'll NEVER raise as much money as Obama -- although we'll raise a lot more than people may think -- so we need the best, biggest volunteer organization in American history. The way we win Pennsylvania (and Ohio, and maybe Michigan) is to do exactly what the people on this list -- and the good folks at TeamSarah -- are doing.
I also intend to work as closely as she'll let me with Katie Hastings O'Malley (of Human Events and, so she gets copied too. :-) It's no secret that I believe Katie, perhaps in concert with Adam, would be a great national campaign manager in 2012. Right now, Sarah knows only that Katie exists, but they'll become a lot better acquainted in coming years.
On her back, Katie has a tattoo of Ronald Reagan. I asked her to save a place for one of Sarah.
There are some people I regard as brilliant organizers getting this e-mail -- and now they get the opportunity to prove it to the rest of the world. We can defeat Barack, Rahm, and David -- hereafter known as "The Axelrod of Evil."

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To all the people whose blogs I follow and read... I just want you to really know that your blogs are absolutely life-changing. The Bible says, "You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free". As you blog the truth and exercise free speech, you may think, "Oh, I'm just blogging. Other people out there are really making a difference in the world and changing lives." I have to tell you, quite honestly, reading the truth of your blogs has changed my life. It's changed my understanding, my perspective, and has really inspired change in me and in my life. I most truly and sincerely want to thank all of you... and I want you to know that your blogs are truly the power of truth that is lifechanging.

Thank you ever so much all of you. God bless you!! And I'd like to wish you a Merry Christmas and send you my love in Christ.

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